Wine Aromas & Wine Blending Competition

Aroma Competition

The activity takes place inside where the guests are seated. The group will begin with a Wine Aroma, team event where each table works together to identify the smells from the wine aromas bottles (this is what we use professionally to learn how to identify the smells in different wines). This is a fun event and acts as a great ice breaker to help the guests on each table to immediately communicate with each other.

Wine Blending

Many people have asked us how we blend our wines to produce such fruity and fragrant characteristics . . . . So we thought we'd set up this unique opportunity for clients to blend their own!

Using 4 classic wine varieties from around the world, each of which has a particular character, delegates are provided with the use of professional blending equipment to blend their own unique wine. Find out what really suits your palate; be it soft and fruity or fine and elegant. After blending several different wines, each team will forward one blend to the Tasting and Judging Panel, which is made up of group members. The new wine blends are then judged before a winner is decided at the end of the evening.

This is a truly enjoyable test of the senses and not surprisingly, a very popular activity.

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