Our Products

Quality wines, spirits, liqueurs, preserves, chocolate and bakery goods all hand made on the Estate.


Jersey Dairy Cream from the island herd blended with the finest locally double distilled VSOP Jersey Apple Brandy.

Jersey Black Butter Preserve

A rich and spicy apple preserve.

Branchage Cider

Our crisp apple cider is a taste of Jersey's orchards, deliciously light and refreshing and available for enjoyment at many Jersey pubs and bars.

La Mare Ale

La Mares delicious new medium ale with a hint of Black Butter will entice even the most reluctant ale drinkers.


We've been making wine for years and much like the wine itself, we've improved with age.

Royal Gin

An artisanal gin crafted in Jersey using seven classic botanicals. With our Alembic Charantais Cognac distillery we combine all the subtlety of a balanced gin with the heritage and unique influence of the Island’s world renowned Jersey Royal Potato.

VSOP Jersey Apple Brandy

A mellow brandy with soft apple flavours, this VSOP is smooth and woody for your enjoyment.


Mouths water at the smell of our shortbread being baked on site at the Estate.


We create a range of delicious chocolates including a variety of truffles, slab selection and our exclusive Or Noir chocolate.