La Mare Wine Estate will accept your order and will organise delivery as soon as payment has been received.

Except in the case of "force majeure", delivery will be made to the client's home or other given delivery address, within Jersey or overseas, between one and four weeks from the date of receipt of order and payment.

We take great care that our wines and food products travel in ideal conditions.  However the merchandise will be travelling at your cost and your risk. Thus we advise you to verify the contents of the package at the point of delivery and to check the following details:

  • The carrier's delivery documents.
  • The entire contents of the package delivered.

Should you be in any doubt regarding the contents of the package you must advise La Mare Wine Estate in writing by recorded delivery at the following address: St Mary, Jersey, Channels, JE3 3BA, within 3 days of receiving the package.

In the case of breakage or damage during the preparation or delivery of the order, La Mare Wine Estate will take steps to deliver a replacement, or reimburse the total amount of the order. Your account will be re-credited and the account of La Mare Wine Estate will be debited as a result.



Weight (upto) Packaging Postage
5kg £3.00 £4.00
30kg £3.00 £9.00

United Kingdom, Isle of Man & Other Channel Islands

Weight (upto) Packaging Postage
5kg £3.00 £7.00
30kg £3.00 £9.00


Weight (upto) Packaging Postage
1kg £3.00 £23.00
2kg £3.00 £23.73
3kg £3.00 £24.46
4kg £3.00 £25.19
5kg £3.00 £25.92
6kg £3.00 £26.65
7kg £3.00 £27.38
8kg £3.00 £28.11
9kg £3.00 £28.84
10kg £3.00 £29.57
15kg £3.00 £33.22
20kg £3.00 £36.87
25kg £3.00 £40.57
30kg £3.00 £44.17

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